Britney Spears Terrified After Man Storms Stage at Her Vegas Concert

Photo Credit:  David Gabber /

Photo Credit: David Gabber /

Footage released on Thursday shows Britney Spears being rushed onstage by a fan–whom she thought had a gun–during a concert in Las Vegas. In the video shared by E! News, Britney is seen asking fans, ”Are you guys having fun?” while unaware of the man who had just jumped onstage. When the pop star notices that dancers have blockaded a man and security guards have surrounded her, she asks, “Is everything OK? What’s going on?” She proceeds to clutch one of the security guards and ask, “He’s got a gun?” A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has since confirmed that 37-year-old Jesse Webb was arrested August 9 for trespassing during the show. It’s unclear whether a gun was actually involved.

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